Yilikubuqi Qixing Lake Desert ecological tourism Area

Information for visitors and tickets

(i) Service description:

1、All tourists entering the park are subject to the following instructions and special tips for the scenic area;

2、Tourists enter the park with one ticket per person. Tickets are only valid for one entry within the validity period specified on the ticket. After leaving the park, if you need to re-enter the park, you need to buy a new ticket. Tickets sold are non-refundable:

(ii) Special tips:

1、Please pay attention to personal and property safety, protect personal belongings, and take care of the elderly and children. In case of rain, snow, sandstorms and other bad weather, pay attention to wind protection, anti-slip, lightning prevention, and follow the instructions of tour guide or staff;

2、To ensure the safety of tourists, the amusement facilities in our scenic spot may, due to excessive tourists, special activities, bad weather, equipment failure, natural disasters, and other reasons, we will suspend the operation of some or all amusement facilities and adjust the opening hours without prior notice to ensure the safety of tourists. Please understand;

3、Wildfire is forbidden in this scenic area;

4、Tourists shall not step on flower fields or climb trees, flowers or plants while visiting or taking photos. If tourists damage the greening of the garden, the scenic spot shall have the right to claim compensation:

5、Please visit along the road built by the scenic spot. The scenic spot shall not responsible for any personal damage because of tourists' going to the area where the roads are not built;

6、The following acts are forbidden in the park: entering the park with dangerous goods, selling or displaying goods, distributing leaflets, fighting, photographing for commercial purposes, and any other acts that interfere with the operation of the scenic area and its related facilities:

7、For security reasons, the park is equipped with video surveillance and recording devices. We may film, photograph, videotape, record or reproduce images or sounds of any tourists entering the recording area within the park. We reserve the right to use such images or sounds for any purpose without paying any fees to the tourists;

8、The scenic spot and its related departments are not responsible for accidents caused by tourists' violation of the relevant safety regulations of the scenic spot or tourists' own negligence: if the losses are caused to the scenic spot and others, the corresponding losses shall be compensated according to the relevant laws and regulations, and those who cause major accidents shall bear the corresponding legal liabilities;

9、Tourists who purchase tickets are deemed to approve the contents of this Notice to Tourists and the Notice to Ticket Buyers. If you have any questions, please consult our staff. If you have complaints, please call; Tourism Supervision Phone: 0777-6638361; Customer Service Phone: 0777-6888888

10、Children under 1.5 meters or elderly people over 60 years old and people with disabilities must be looked after or accompanied by adults when they experience the project;

11、Children under 1.2 meters in venues can enjoy free admission and half-price concession. They must be looked after or accompanied by adults when they experience the project:

12、Swimming and playing in the lake are strictly prohibited in the scenic area;

13、If there is any change in the above regulations, the announcement of the scenic spot on that day shall prevail;

14、The right to interpret the above terms belongs to the scenic spot.

Tourist traffic