With an area of tens of thousands of hectares, deserts, grasslands, oases, wetlands, lakes, more than 300 species of endangered animals and plants, and complex and diverse ecosystems. There are seven beautiful lakes, Daotu Lake, Swan Lake, Love Lake, Moon Lake, Pearl Lake, Sun God Lake and Shenhaizi Lake, with four distinct seasons.

Science, education and research

Desertification control pioneer, ecological yi li. Over the past 30 years, China has developed and created core technologies for germplasm resources, desertification control, planting, water saving and ecological restoration, established a germplasm resource bank, and protected and nurtured 1,040 kinds of germplasm resources that are resistant to cold, drought and salinity. It is the second national practice and innovation base for "lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains".

Extreme events

China Desert (Seven Stars Lake) Auto Off-Road Training Base and Dakar (Official) Driving Academy have held many events such as "Sha Xiaogan" motorcycle, bicycle desert road challenge, Aika Cup desert elite off-road race, etc. It is the venue for the previous "Hero meetings".

Theme performances

In 2020, the scenic spot created a new large-scale theme performance show "Desert Legend ", which took you back to the northern areas of millennium, appreciate the grassland Silk Road, experience the glorious Kubuqi under the interweaving of desert and grassland, reality and illusion, and listen to the voice of Honghu that has been sung for thousands of years!

Tourist traffic